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Onyx Acquires 6th Data Centre

Onyx expands its London base through data centre acquisition

Onyx Group are pleased to announce that they have acquired a new data centre west of London, further strengthening its position in the UK data centre market and expanding its London offering.

Based in Slough just outside of the M25, the new data centre is ideally located as it is a 20 minute commute from London city centre. The 12,000 square foot, 100 rack facility, which will also have 100 workplace recovery seats, gives the Group a larger presence in the Capital, highlighting the geographical expansion of the company.

This strategic acquisition comes at a time when Onyx is becoming a key provider in the financial services market with clients including some of the top banks and hedge fund providers. The locality of the new facility will support the need for financial services companies to have low latency in data centres and also support Onyx’s London business.

“Opening our first London based data centre is a major coup for Onyx and reflects our ambitions in developing our national footprint of facilities,” said Neil Stephenson, CEO, Onyx Group. “It adds to our other five data centres across the UK, but for businesses based in the South they can benefit from its proximity to the M4 corridor, how accessible it is to London city centre and its low latency.”

“Data centres are fundamental to any business and are playing a greater role than ever as organisations look for secure and resilient locations to store their critical data and applications offsite. Combine this with the explosion in cloud computing, and data centre demand is at its highest, illustrating the importance they have to a business’s needs and, ultimately, its bottom line.”

The facility also includes a 100 seat workplace recovery centre, whereby businesses will be able to relocate their offices and work as usual in the event of a disruption. The site will be open in time for the London 2012 Olympic Games, which is expected to bring major disruption to the city and the businesses that operate from there. It is therefore vital that businesses across all industries are fully prepared to deal with the impact it will have on operation, productivity and, ultimately, the balance sheet.

Transport networks will be stretched as hundreds of thousands more people use trains and buses. This means staff may not be able to get into work as easily as usual. With more employees and employers considering flexible working during the Games, business continuity plans will need to be invoked to ensure minimum downtime.

The data centre adds to those the Group has in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle upon Tyne and North and South Yorkshire. It means the company now provides a unique offering to customers as it provides multi-site resilience for customer’s data and applications.

As well as its data centre infrastructure, business continuity is a key service Onyx provides and has several workplace recovery centres across the UK including Glasgow, Edinburgh and the North East.

To learn more about the Group’s data centre capabilities and business continuity provision, visit www.onyx.net